Should I Buy A 2" or 3" Memory Foam Topper Pad?

This is probably the most frequently asked question we got about memory foam topper pad -- whether to go with a 2" or 3" topper pad.

First, I should explain why I never recommended a thinner or thicker topper pad than 2 or 3 inches. A thinner, 1" topper pad really didn't provide enough cushion, and if you felt that your mattress was so firm as to need a 4" topper, I felt people were better off spending the money on a new mattress that wasn't so firm rather than trying to fix it with a topper pad.

So for those with a mattress that was just a bit firmer than they would like, in most cases a 2" topper did the job and worked well. With a return rate of only 2 - 3%, our 2" toppers seemed to do the job for most people.

I'd say about 2/3 of our customers bought the 2" topper.

For those wanting a plusher feel, or who felt their mattress was very firm, they went for our 3" topper. Which also had a very low return rate. The one inch difference wouldn't seem like it would really affect the feel of the topper, but for some reason a 3" topper really has a much plusher feel than a 2". So if your mattress is very firm, you may want to spring for a 3" rather than a 2".

Our memory foam was a latest generation memory foam which offered much better air flow than standard memory foams. Which meant it slept cooler -- I got almost no complaints about the memory foam sleeping hot. So when you are shopping around, you might want to ask if the memory foam used in that topper pad is a latest generation memory foam offering this greater air flow.

These latest generation memory foams are more expensive, though, but in my experience they are worth it.