Isn't It Kind Of Crazy To Buy A Mattress Over The Internet -- Without First Being Able To Feel It And Try It Out?

It does seem kind of crazy to buy a mattress, sometimes spending $1000+ on it, online without every having the chance to see it, touch it, or lie on it.

And when I started selling memory foam mattresses online in 1998 it was a very strange notion, with few people willing to take the risk.

But as people have gotten more used to buying on the internet, and the millenials have become a consumer force, more and more people are open to bypassing the mattress showroom and instead just order a bed online and have it delivered to their door.

And the best part ... that the online mattress comes with a money back trial period of 100+ days, so that if you don't like it out after trying it in your own bedroom, you can get a refund and not get taken.

In my experience, this is why so many people have turned to buying a bed online without having ever seen it or touched it. They hate the aggressive sales tactics used by many mattress salesmen, and they also found that spending a few minutes on a bed in a mattress store didn't give them that great of an idea of whether they would like the bed in their own home. And the risk of making a mistake is pretty big considering that few mattress retailers offer money back trials. If they do offer anything it is a comfort guarantee, where if you don't like the mattress you can trade it in for a different one. But if that one mattress was the only one you were interested in, or the other you might like is an upcharge, a comfort guarantee can feel like you are getting taken.

So it has been interesting to see how over the last few years more and more mattress companies have sprung up offering their own "bed-in-a-box" to hit this market of folks that are open to buying sight unseen.

An if you are one of these folks, beyond making sure that the mattress you are interested in offers a good money back trial and the company has a good overall BBB or other certification rating (to make sure you would really get your money back), it makes sense to read over as many reviews as you can to get a sense of whether the mattress offers the type of feel and support that you are looking for. If possible, try to look the mattress up on Amazon since their reviews tend to be more in-depth an somewhat verifiable. And while all reviews can be fudged, if the company is offering a good money back trial and standing behind it, it really doesn't make sense for them to try to manipulate the reviews -- if they did and it worked to get more sales, it might then turn around back on them by causing more returns from folks who bought based on false information.

So, no, it isn't crazy to buy a mattress online. In fact their are real advantages, if you use caution to read over review and only deal with companies that have an established presence and track record of taking care of their customers.