How Much Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

There is a whole range of prices for a memory foam mattress, from as low as in the $200 price range on Amazon, to Tempur-Pedic (tm) which starts at about $2500 for its basic line and can go up much higher.

Is there a big difference in what you get in terms of comfort and quality at these different price ranges?

Yes, and no.

Yes in that at the low end, which is made mostly of Chinese foam, I have questions about these foams quality, what materials and chemicals really go into making them, and the generally low densities of foam used in these beds (so that they won't last long).

In some looking around I did on some of these beds in Amazon, they got generally high reviews. But in looking at reviews from people that had the beds awhile I did see some issues with the beds (developing indented areas within a fairly short time, other issues with breaking down, etc).

This isn't surprising, and I think people do expect that at these low price points there is a trade off in terms of overall quality/comfort and durability.

But my answer is no in that I don't believe you need to pay Tempur-Pedic (tm) prices - there are plenty of memory foam mattresses out there that offer good quality foam (and often US made, Certipur-US certified, etc) for a price 1/2 or less than Tempur-Pedic (tm)

One example, and I get no money for mentioning them here, is Loom and Leaf. Their memory/gel foam bed uses foams that meet or exceed the densities you would find in the Tempur-Pedics (tm). And it is a bit less than 1/2 the price.

This is just one example -- there are plenty of other memory foam mattresses out there that offer this sort of high quality construction at a fraction of the price of the leading brand.

So if you are interested in getting a high quality memory foam bed, let's say a queen size, I would say you should be able to find something in the $750 - $1000 range that offers a good money back trial. If you go much lower, I do think you get a trade off in terms of quality/comfort and durability due to the lower quality/density foams used in these less expensive options.