Memory Foam Good For Side and/or Back Sleepers?

Another question we get asked a fair amount is whether a memory foam bed works well for side and/or back sleepers.

And in my experience, both personally on memory foam and hearing from customers, I'd say that memory foam works well for both side and back sleepers.

Here's why: the density and conforming nature of memory foam allows it to give side and back sleepers both cushion and support.

So a side sleeper's spine is allowed to stay in a neutral position because memory foam allows the hips and shoulders to sink while supporting the rest of the upper body in this neutral manner.

As for back sleepers, memory foam allows your bottom to sink in and also fills in the curve of the low back for support. I've often heard from customers that they really loved the way that memory foam fills in this low back curve and how comfortable it is for them as a back sleeper.

I don't think memory foam works well for someone sleeping on their stomach since in this case it allows the waist and pelvic area to sink in and this puts the spine into a bowed position that puts more pressure on the low back. So if you are a stomach sleeper, I would recommend something very firm that has little give -- like a firm natural latex mattress, for example.

But for back and side sleepers, I've seen that memory foam works well due to its cushioning and conforming properties.