One Easy Thing To Do To Add Fitness to Your Busy Day

Want to add fast and easy upper body fitness to your day but find you are crunched for time? Here’s an exercise that is as simple as washing your hands. In fact, you should do it every time you wash your hands, or every time you are in front of a counter. Here’s how:

Every time you are in front of a sturdy counter, sink, or bar, do ten or more push ups.  That’s it.  It’s that easy.  It is amazing how often we are in front of a sink or counter and can do this in such a short time.  Place your hands shoulder width apart on the counter and slowly lower your chest to the edge of the counter.  The stronger you are, the farther away you should place your feet from the counter.  You can also vary the width of your hands to place the emphasis on different muscle groups.  Place your hands closer together for more triceps (back of upper arm) work; place your hands farther apart for a greater emphasis on your chest.

For safety’s sake, make sure any counter, bar, or push up surface you are using is sturdy and can support your weight.  Make sure your feet will not slip either.  Bonus tip:  When you get so strong that placing your hands on the bar is too easy, even when your feet are as far away as possible, it’s time to drop down to do your push ups or put your feet on the counter!  By then, it’s time to start thinking about a full workout for your upper body.  Until then, try the counter push ups.  You will be amazed by their effectiveness.

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