A Natural Latex Mattress or A Memory Foam Mattress?

I see this question quite a bit on the web.  Should you choose a natural latex mattress or a memory foam mattress?  It’s the biggest question since Ginger or MaryAnne or Freddy versus Jason.  The problem with the memory foam mattress versus natural latex mattress question is that the only one who can answer it is you.  It’s just like Ginger or MaryAnne – both are great, it’s just a matter of preference.  (Freddy versus Jason can have an actual winner, but who knows who that would really be?)

A memory foam mattress is temperature sensitive.  The temperature sensitivity allows the memory foam to form to your body’s unique contours, reducing pressure points and allowing you to sleep more comfortably without tossing and turning.  When you do change positions, the memory foam “remembers” its shape and then once again forms to your body’s contours.  Although some people think you have to pay “leading brand” prices to get a good memory foam mattress, this is not true.  At Healthy Foundations, you can get all the comfort of the “leading brand” at half the price.

A true natural latex mattress is botanically derived and 100% natural.  It is antimicrobial, dust mite free, and resists mold and mildew.  It is great for those who have allergies or asthma.  It is also very durable and once you are are ready for a new one, it’s completely recyclable.  One thing you need to be sure of is that you are really getting a true natural latex mattress.  Up to 80% of latex mattresses are not natural latex, but are made synthetically using petrochemicals.  Make sure you ask to make sure your latex mattress is 100% natural.  Many retailers are purposely vague and evasive about this.

To help you learn more about your mattress options, we have created our Mattress Buying Guides.  We have a guide to memory foam mattresses, a guide to latex mattresses, and a guide to air beds.  You can check them out at Healthy Foundations.