Don’t Be Fooled by Synthetic Latex Mattresses

There are a lot of “natural” latex mattresses out there. Unfortunately, many of these so-called “natural” latex mattresses are not really natural latex at all, but are actually man-made or synthetic latex.  A truly 100% all-natural latex mattress is made from sap from a rubber tree, not synthetic petrochemicals.  Buyers have to be very careful when looking for an all-natural latex mattress.  Many of the latex mattresses that are called “natural” contain just a tiny amount of natural latex and the rest is synthetic.  I even had to fight to get the truth out of many latex manufacturers when sourcing our 100% natural latex mattress.  Many manufacturers tried to push their “natural” latex on me that wasn’t 100% natural at all.  It sometimes took a lot of questioning and arm twisting to get this information even when sourcing materials as an insider!

If you want to make sure there is no man-made latex in any latex mattress you are interested in, you have to ask.  Do not assume “natural” means 100% natural, because many times it doesn’t.  Ask if there is any synthetic latex at all in any natural latex mattress you are interested in.  To learn more about natural latex mattresses, including how they are made and what to look for in a quality natural latex mattress, check out our Latex Buyer’s Guide.

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