Why a Quality Memory Foam Topper is Worth the Price

I speak to many people who are looking for a memory foam topper, but want to pay a very low price. With memory foam toppers, durability and longevity is a huge factor in the price you will pay.  When I talk about price, I’m not talking about overpriced (which is the case when the price you pay is due to millions in advertising like the leading memory foam brand).  I’m talking about price that is based on the comfort, quality, and durability of the memory foam topper.

Yes, it is true you can purchase some really cheap memory foam toppers.  You can also purchase some moderately priced ones, but how long are the manufacturers willing to back their product?  How long are these memory foam toppers really going to last?  Most memory foam topper warranties are 1 – 3 years and some are up to 5 years, but the Healthy Foundations Memory Foam Topper warranty is an unmatched 10-year non-prorated warranty.  This means that the warranty is 10 years long and doesn’t decrease as the years pass like many warranties do.  (Those are prorated warranties.  They decrease over time.)  Other warranties are “limited” in order to not provide warranty cover.  Depending on the fine print, many of these limited warranties are worthless.

So when you are thinking about a memory foam topper and are looking into prices, remember this:  With some memory foam toppers, you could be replacing them 2 – 10 times over the course of the ten years the Healthy Foundations Memory Foam Topper will last.  Do the math on that and then see if the cheap memory foam topper is really worth it.

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