The Eco-Friendly Mattress: The Natural Latex Mattress

More and more people who want to live a more eco-friendly life are choosing a 100% all-natural latex mattress for their mattress of choice. It is completely botanical and its unique composition makes it hypoallergenic, free of dust mites, and antibacterial. A natural latex mattress is made from the sap of a rubber tree and is completely recyclable.

Some latex mattresses are synthetic (man-made).  These are much more common than 100% natural latex mattresses, but do not give you all the qualities that a true natural latex mattress does.  If you see the term “natural” describing a latex mattress, that does not necessarily mean that it is not made with synthetic latex.  Many companies will call their latex “natural” when it only has a small amount of natural latex in it and the rest is man-made.  If you want to ensure that the latex mattress you are buying is 100% natural latex (with no synthetic latex) and this is not clear, ask if there is any synthetic latex in it at all.

100% natural latex is completely plant-derived from the sap of rubber trees.  Synthetic latex is not.  A 100% natural latex mattress can provide you with a naturally comfortable and chemical-free mattress.  Synthetic latex cannot.  To learn more about natural latex and its unique, eco-friendly qualities, check out our buyer’s guide for latex mattresses.

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