Best Foam Mattress?

Sometimes we get questions that are pretty vague like, “What’s the best foam mattress?” Foam mattress could mean memory foam, natural latex foam, or even plain polyurethane foam. Usually what people mean when they ask, “What is the best foam mattress?” is one of three things: 1.) What is the best memory foam mattress? 2.) What is the best natural latex mattress? or 3.) What is the best foam mattress, natural latex or memory foam?

Sometimes people have determined which mattress, between natural latex or memory foam, that they want.  Other times, they are starting from scratch and aren’t sure what type of foam mattress they want.  For those who don’t really know what type of specialty foam mattress they want (but know they don’t want an uncomfortable innerspring anymore), we suggest they start out learning about natural latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses by going to our Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide and our Latex Mattress Buying Guide.  These guides are a great place to start your “best foam mattress” education.  After reading the benefits of each, they can then make a decision about which type of foam mattress they think would be the most comfortable for them and would best suit their needs.

Once someone has decided which type of foam mattress would be best for them, it is time to start the research on which memory foam mattress or natural latex mattress is the best they can buy within their budget.  This is when it can start getting tricky.  Although it can be tempting to buy a $400 memory foam mattress, you have wasted your money when it doesn’t last long (and only has a 1-year warranty).  It can also seem easy to to buy from the leading brand since their millions in advertising means you know their name, but who wants to pay an inflated price just to pay for advertising?  We know it can be confusing, so if you want to chat about what your foam mattress options are, no matter what type or budget, feel free to give us a call toll-free at 800-607-0340.  At Healthy Foundations, we do want you to find the best foam mattress that you can.

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