Comparing the Healthy Foundations Memory Foam Mattress to the Casper Mattress

Some people have asked us to compare and contrast our Healthy Foundations Memory Foam Mattress with the new start-up foam mattress made by Casper.

Our mattress is a top-rated memory foam mattress. The Casper mattress has some memory foam, but it actually what is commonly known as a “hybrid,” meaning it has one type of foam combined with another type of foam.  In the case of Casper’s mattress, the top layer of the mattress is synthetic latex (as opposed to 100% all natural latex, which is more desirable) and the second layer is memory foam.

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What is the Best Memory Foam Mattresss?

“What is the best memory foam mattress?”

That is a frequently asked question on the web. Of course, some of the answers you get are going to be biased, but some are not. There are some reliable third-party reviews sites that do a decent job sorting through the facts and the fiction to get down to what the best memory foam mattress is. The best known and number one of these sites is However creepy the URL may be, SLTD does do a good job with its mattress research.

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Best Foam Mattress?

Sometimes we get questions that are pretty vague like, “What’s the best foam mattress?” Foam mattress could mean memory foam, natural latex foam, or even plain polyurethane foam. Usually what people mean when they ask, “What is the best foam mattress?” is one of three things: 1.) What is the best memory foam mattress? 2.) What is the best natural latex mattress? or 3.) What is the best foam mattress, natural latex or memory foam?

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