What is the Best Memory Foam Mattresss?

“What is the best memory foam mattress?”

That is a frequently asked question on the web. Of course, some of the answers you get are going to be biased, but some are not. There are some reliable third-party reviews sites that do a decent job sorting through the facts and the fiction to get down to what the best memory foam mattress is. The best known and number one of these sites is SleepLiketheDead.com. However creepy the URL may be, SLTD does do a good job with its mattress research.

According to SleepLiketheDead, only two memory foam mattresses rank at the top of their memory foam list at 86% customer satisfaction.  One of these is Healthy Foundations, which uses pure memory foam (as opposed to a memory foam hybrid or the much stiffer gel-infused memory foam).  To put this in perspective, on SLTD, memory foam in general is the top-rated mattress at 81% customer satisfaction.

Of course a memory foam mattress could be a very comfortable, high quality memory foam mattress and still not be the right one for you.  No mattress is right for everyone.  For example, for those who want an extremely soft and squishy memory foam mattress, the Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress will not be the right one for them.  Ours is considered to be a medium firm.  Since no mattress is right for everyone, we recommend that you do not buy from any mattress retailer that does not give you at least 90 days to try the mattress in your own home.  We give you 365 days to try our mattress, but 90 days is the least you should look for.  And stay away from store credits, exchanges, and “comfort” guarantees (which is just another way of saying store credit).  You want a true money-back guarantee so you can shop elsewhere if the store does not have a mattress that is right for you.

So is there a “best memory foam mattress?”  There is, but only if the quality memory foam mattress you buy has the feel you like.  Look for quality, durability, and great reviews, but above all, look for a money-back trial of at least 90 days.  Only then can you find the best memory foam mattress for you.

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