Memory Foam Mattresses: Keep it Breathable

Memory foam mattresses need to allow air to circulate. This helps prevent mold. Some companies, including “leading brand,” sometimes fail to explain this and I talk to many sad people who lift up their mattress and find it covered with mold because no one told them they shouldn’t sit their memory foam mattress on solid wood. Here’s the lowdown on keeping any memory foam mattress mold-free:

Do not place your memory foam mattress on solid wood or plastic.  Since air needs to circulate, you will need a foundation or something (like webbed slats) to allow air to circulate.  If you do choose to use solid wood, here is an FAQ about allowing air to circulate with a memory foam mattress on wood.

Do use any standard firm foundation for your memory foam mattress.

Do use a breathable mattress protector or cover between your memory foam mattress and your sheets.  (You should use a mattress protector or cover with any mattress.)

Do not use a plastic or vinyl mattress protector on your memory foam mattress.

At Healthy Foundations, we want you to learn as much as you can about memory foam before you buy a memory foam mattress.  To learn more about memory foam, check out our Guide to Memory Foam.

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