To Save in a Tough Economy, Think Outside the “Leading Brand” Box

If you have watched the news for even five minutes lately, you know the economy is tough right now. (You don’t have to see the news to know that, you just have to live on the planet!) So how do you save money on your memory foam mattress in a tough economy?

A major way to save money on your memory foam mattress is to “Think Outside the ‘Leading Brand’ Box.” If you are even thinking about a memory foam mattress (or even if you’re not) you undoubtedly know what the famous “leading brand” of memory foam mattress is. It’s obviously the one that spends millions of dollars on its advertising and branding. Does this mean it’s the best mattress for your buck? Only if you want your buck to go to “leading brand’s” big budget advertising campaign!

You don’t need to buy a poor quality memory foam mattress to save money (although are plenty of those out there). Think outside of the “leading brand” box and look at other high quality memory foam mattresses that don’t spend millions of dollars on their advertising and name branding.

At Healthy Foundations, we offer two high quality memory foam mattresses at approximately half the price of “leading brand’s” comparable memory foam mattresses. Yes, you read that right… We have all the quality of the “leading brand” at half the price! With our 365-day money-back guarantee, why wouldn’t you try a Healthy Foundations memory foam mattress?! You have a whole year to try it in your own home, and if you don’t like it, you can return it and get your money back. The only thing you have to pay is $75 to help with return shipping costs. Since it is shipped to you free when you buy it, this offer is absolutely unbeatable! You can check out all our mattresses at our Memory Foam Mattress page.

No matter where you choose to buy your memory foam mattress, our goal is to provide you with lots of great information so you can make an informed decision when you buy your memory foam mattress. To read more about choosing a quality memory foam mattress, go to our Picking A Memory Foam Mattress page.

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