Dangers of Texting While Driving

The article Texting While Driving Raises Crash Risk Sixfold is about actual virtual driving simulator testing to study the dangers of texting while driving.  In my opinion, this is a problem that is becoming epidemic.  I have been in the car with a texting driver and have said (or actually yelled), “Don’t do that while you are driving!”  This was in the early days of texting before the issue was front and center, but I could clearly see that the driver was not paying attention to his driving.

The researchers who did the study placed young adults in a virtual driving simulator and found that, when texting, the gap between the driver’s car and the car ahead shrank but the driver’s reaction time slowed.  Those who were texting were six times more likely to crash than those who just concentrated on driving.

The researchers also noted that texting seemed to raise the danger factor more than talking on the cell phone.  (I can clearly see that one.  People look at the keys when they text or read texts.)  Researchers also found that reading the texts was more dangerous than composing them.  (You have to look when you read, but some people have the texting keys memorized and can text without looking.)

Bottom line:  Do not text while driving!  It is extremely dangerous.

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