Relief for Chronic Back Pain

In the article, Chronic Back Pain Relief – What Can Be Done?, Jon Ferraro offers his advice for relieving chronic back pain.  The article was not published recently, but the advice is valid and still worth sharing.  Mr. Ferraro points out that many people who have suffered with chronic back pain for years can’t imagine living without that pain, even if they do have some moments that are pain free.

Ferraro states that back pain stems from weak muscles and generally a spine that is out of alignment with the body.  He states that this occurs easily in people who form poor habits over many years, such as improper posture when standing or sitting.  He suggests seeing a practitioner that can help you lean new positive habits, which would generally take about 31 days of work to remove the bad habits.

I have to say that, although Mr. Ferraro may be covering one area of chronic back pain, there are many other causes many other types of help for chronic low back pain.

Many of those who suffer from chronic back pain find that a more comfortable mattress helps relieve their back pain.  It isn’t a cure-all for back pain, but can’t help relieve suffering.  Three types of specialty mattresses you can check out that can help relieve chronic back pain are air beds, memory foam mattresses, and latex mattresses.