Memory Foam Mattress: Can Memory Foam Help Football Players the Way It’s Helped Aching Backs?

I recently posted a blog about some of the silly uses I have seen for memory foam.  I listed places where I loved memory foam too, including memory foam mattresses, memory foam pillows, and memory foam topper pads.  I then had my wish list – places where I’d like to see memory foam used  – car seats, baby car seats, and sleeping bags.  Now, I’m happy to see another great use for memory foam that I hope becomes very successful – inside football helmets.

According to the article Mattress expert applies science to safety, Tom Morgan, of Dynamic Systems in North Carolina, has started lining football helmets with memory foam.  If this improves the safety of football helmets, I’m all for it.  Head injuries are one of the most life altering dangers of playing football, not just for NFL players, but for young football players too.  The repercussions are sometimes not known until many years later when older men who played a lot of football start showing brain damage and dementia issues at a rate much higher than their non-football playing peers.  With all the recent press about these types of long term damages, I applaud this type of forward thinking.

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