Memory Foam Mattresses – Memory Foam Mattresses Even Work With Wacky Beds

Every now and then I run into something interesting and unusual and sometimes, rather weird.  When I saw this next bed, I said, “What will they think of next?”  My next thought was, “Will this “Evening Breeze bed” work with a memory foam mattress?

The Evening Breeze beds cool you off to sleep explains how rather than spoiling your decor with an eco-friendly way to cool yourself while you are sleeping, you can purchase one of the Evening Breeze range of beds.  They come with special bed posts and canopies that feature built-in ventilation systems.  They pull the air from under your bed, cool and dehumidify it, and then blow it over you.  Sounds interesting, huh?

The good news is that you can use this with a memory foam mattress and it supposedly saves you 60 – 80% on your electricity bill.  The bad news is that it’s $4500 and, at that price, I’ll stick with the ceiling fan that’s over my bed.  It does the same thing for about $150 and I can have any style headboard I like!

At Healthy Foundations, we sell memory foam, but we want you to be as informed about your mattress choices as possible.  In addition to our Guide to Memory Foam, check out our natural latex mattress guide and our air bed guide.