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Veggie Friendly Restaurants

Welcome to our new Veggie Restaurant guide. Our idea is to share our favorite Veggie friendly restaurants with you, and for you to share your favorite restaurants with all of us. We hope this type of grass roots sharing of information will allow us to compile a large, and tasty, list of Veggie friendly restaurants around the country - so when you travel, or just want to try a new restaurant in your area, you will have some good places to check out. Also if we can show that enough people are interested in finding Veggie restaurants and other Veggie fare, then we hopefully can convince restaurants to both: 1) offer our visitors discount coupons to use at their restaurants, and 2) give restaurants in general a real incentive to provide more Veggie options on their menus.

If you would like to share your favorite Veggie friendly places, just send us their name and address, and a short review if you have the time, on our

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