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Vegan Pancakes - Wheat Flour are a very tasty pancake recipe - using soy milk which you whisk for a bit to make the pancakes nice and fluffy.

Vegan French Toast the secret is some cinnamon, arrowroot, and rice dreams. We love it on a Sunday morning.

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Kim Chi is a hot Korean delicacy. Made with Napa cabbage, the cabbage softens and shrinks when salt is added and the red pepper spice will really clear your head. They serve it before a meal at our local Korean restaurant along with a lot of other side dishes - a real treat (we often just get the side dishes and skip the meal).

Smoothies I first tasted these on vacation, and when I learned how easy they were to make I became addicted. We start most days with these marvelous fruit drinks - be warned you will need a strong blender.

Cauliflower And Yam Pakora - Curry Puffs One of our favorites and a specialty of our youngest daughter. We bake these in the oven so they are much lighter tasting than the deep fried ones you find in Indian restaurants. I eat them plain, but my family loves to dip them in tamarind sauce (chutney).ß

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Dips and Dressings:

4-star hummus absolutely the best hummus we have ever tasted. Hummus is a middle eastern garbanzo bean dip that is delicious and very addicting. You can even make it all raw by either soaking the beans overnight or sprouting them a couple of days. People beg us to bring it to parties.

Maureen's Bean Dip is a great dip to bring to a party. Easy to put together and delicious, just add some chips for a real crowd pleaser.

Guacamole we can never seem to make enough of this delicious dip. We use it as a salad dressing, and just put it right on some greens for a killer dinner.

Salad Dressings- here you will find three of our favorite salad dressings: Spinach Tahini, Tomato Dill, and another Tahini dressing variation.

Tahini Vegetable Dip/Dressing - if you like tahini, or even if you don't (or don't know if you do), this dip/dressing is rich and very addictive.

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Soups, Salads and Sandwiches:

Gazpacho this cold soup is really wonderful in the summer, and this is one of our favorite renditions of this classic recipe.

Split Pea Soup is one of our family's favorites, and is just sooo tasty.

Tuna surprise the surprise is there is no tuna - just carrot pulp with lemon juice, soy sauce and kelp powder that tastes almost like the real thing. A great way to use the carrot pulp left over from juicing and really tasty. You can use as the filling for a sandwich or as a tuna substitute in a salad. We eat it plain too.

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Main Dishes

Jane's Lasagna is not only delicious and vegan (using tofu instead of cheese), but also really easy to make since the noodles cook right in the pan.

Pad Thai is a wonderful Thai noodle dish. Our take on it is made with tofu and no egg. Its made with a really terrific peanut sauce. This recipe is our all time favorite Pad Thai - the local Thai places just can't compete.

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Side Dishes

Braised Kale is a delightful, and garlicky, addition to any meal.

Jane's Wild Mushroom Gravy is our absolute favorite for Thanksgiving. We start salivating any time we think of this gravy over rice, or better yet, mashed potatoes. Make a lot, you won't be sorry.

Oven Fries are not only much lower in calories than regular fries, but we also like them better. Nothing better to eat while watching a game on the tube.

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Carob Crispie Cringles is our take on this classic recipe - using carob and peanut butter. Yum.

Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Cookies are so good, we aren't allowed to attend holiday parties without bringing them. Very addictive.

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