Isn’t It Kind Of Crazy To Buy A Mattress Over The Internet — Without First Being Able To Feel It And Try It Out?

When I first started selling mattresses on the internet, my family thought I was nuts.  Who, they wanted to know, would be crazy enough to pay $1000+ for a mattress that they only saw a picture of on the internet.

Things have changed a lot since back then in 1998, and these days the hottest part of the mattress retail scene is in the “bed-in-a-box” category.  That is a bed you buy straight from the manufacturer or retailer and then it gets shipped to your door in a big box (they compress it so it can ship this way).

But is this a good way to buy a mattress?  And how to make sure you protect yourself and get the bed that is right for you?

I’ve put together another new FAQ on this — click here to read Why It Might Not Be Crazy To Buy Your Next Mattress Over The Internet



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