How to Select a Latex Mattress

A came across this blog, Your Guideline On How To Select Latex Mattress, but it really leaves a lot to be desired.  One thing the blog does have spot-on, however, is the fact that the popularity of latex mattresses is on the rise.

One thing that I find that irks me is when a writer uses the terms “latex mattress” and “natural latex mattress” interchangeably.  Up to eighty percent of latex mattresses are synthetically made using unnatural petrochemicals.  If you want a true natural latex mattress, you need to make sure that your natural latex mattress is 100% natural and botanically derived.

A 100% natural latex mattress is hypoallergenic, dust mite free, and does not allow bacteria and mold to grow and thrive.  If you purchase a latex mattress that is synthetically made, you are not getting the benefits of a 100% natural latex mattress.

Although the article tries to guide the reader on how to select a latex mattress, it just touches the surface and leaves more questions than answers.  If you really want to learn about selecting a 100% natural latex mattress, check out our Latex Mattress Buyer’s Guide.