To Save in a Tough Economy, Think Outside the “Leading Brand” Box

If you have watched the news for even five minutes lately, you know the economy is tough right now. (You don’t have to see the news to know that, you just have to live on the planet!) So how do you save money on your memory foam mattress in a tough economy?

A major way to save money on your memory foam mattress is to “Think Outside the ‘Leading Brand’ Box.” If you are even thinking about a memory foam mattress (or even if you’re not) you undoubtedly know what the famous “leading brand” of memory foam mattress is. It’s obviously the one that spends millions of dollars on its advertising and branding. Does this mean it’s the best mattress for your buck? Only if you want your buck to go to “leading brand’s” big budget advertising campaign!

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Experimenting With Putting Our Videos On Youtube

We recently posted our video on how to compare the quality of different memory foam mattresses on Youtube. And it has been a surprise — we are getting 50 -100 people a day looking at this video. I guess there is something to this Web 2.0 stuff.

If you want to check it out, here’s a link to the video:

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Another Great Shopping.Com Testimonial On Our Memory Foam Mattress

Here’s a new review that we thought was nice and we wanted to share it with you:

“Healthy Foundations has outstanding customer service! I was amazed at the quick return emails I received from Brian answering all my questions with detailed explanations. I received my mattress in under a week and it was extremely easy to set up. I noticed absolutely no smell at all. I bought this mattress in hopes of elimating low back pain from sleeping. I previously could not sleep more than 6 hours without waking up to low back pain (due to herniated discs). It took about a week to adjust to the new memory foam, but I am happy to say that I have been sleeping much better, sounder, and most of all longer. I haven’t been waking to the back pain as before. I purchased this mattress in hopes of improving my overall sleep and was a bit skeptical at first. Knowing I could return the mattress if I wasn’t satisfied is what help me decided to give it a go. As of today about 3 weeks or so of sleeping on the mattress I don’t think I will even want to return it. So far I believe it has been a reasonable and good investment into one third of my life (sleeping)! Thanks Healthy Foundations! For all you skeptics, go for it, you have nothing to loose!” Sandy in Daytona Beach, FL

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What is Sleep Apnea, and How is it Treated?

Answer: We found this information regarding sleep apnea at the American Sleep Apnea Association’s web site:

The Greek word “apnea” literally means “without breath.” There are three types of apnea: obstructive, central, and mixed; of the three, obstructive is the most common. Despite the difference in the root cause of each type, in all three, people with untreated sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly during their sleep, sometimes hundreds of times during the night and often for a minute or longer.Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is caused by a blockage of the airway, usually when the soft tissue in the rear of the throat collapses and closes during sleep. In central sleep apnea, the airway is not blocked but the brain fails to signal the muscles to breathe. Mixed apnea, as the name implies, is a combination of the two. With each apnea event, the brain briefly arouses people with sleep apnea in order for them to resume breathing, but consequently sleep is extremely fragmented and of poor quality.

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Another Great Testimonial on Shopping.Com

Here’s another great review regarding our customer service and mattress product on Shopping.Com. We really take pride in seeing this kind of feedback:

“The customer service was excellent. They responded to my concerns very quickly. The shipping time was super fast and the mattress I received was just as it was described on their website. I researched many mattresses and this site backs their product more than any other mattress on the market today. Most mattress companies have a short return policy and it is very complicated to get to return your mattress if you don’t like it. Healthy Foundations stands behind their product because they know it is great. We got the mattress set it up is a few minutes. The first morning I got up I did not ache! It was the first time in forever that I had a sound sleep and was not sore when I woke up! The mattress is a little more firm than most other memory foam mattresses I have tried, but it does not matter as long as I sleep good. I have had my mattress for over a month and still sleep great! I would recommend it to any one.”

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Another Great Shopping.Com Mattress Testimonial

We loved this one. It addresses both the quality of our customer service, and the quality and comfort of our mattress.

“We are completely satisfied with the purchase of our mattress. We did a lot of research and we made the right choice. I have always been a poor sleeper and I have to say I am already seeing a big difference after a couple of weeks. I threw out my back right after we got the mattress and the only place I feel good is when I am in bed. I made one call to the company and spoke with Brian. He was fantastic and provided me with guidance on what style of beds to lay on, which are offered by their major competitor, to get a feel for what the Healthy Foundatations mattress would feel like. He even said it didn’t do him any good to try and sell us something that wouldn’t make us happy. He also explained the return policy and I especially like the fact that if you did return the mattress, they give them away to shelters. We purchased our mattress and it was at our home 2 days later. It took 5 minutes for the mattress to come to size and the smell was gone within 24 hours and wasn’t too bad to begin with. I will recommend this mattress to everyone I know. Their service is wonderful and so is their product. I wish there were more companies who did business like this. WAY TO GO HEALTHY FOUNDATIONS!!!

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Sheet Thread Count and Sheet Fabric Options

Thread count is typically what determines just how soft and comfortable sheets will be – the higher the thread count, the more comfortable your sheets will be. Often referred to as TPI (threads per inch), this measures how many threads are used per every square inch of fabric. They range anywhere from 150 to several thousand. In general, you should avoid sheets that have a lower thread count than 200 because they won’t feel comfortable on the body. If you buy sheets with a thread count of over 250, you should have a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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Is There Anyplace to Try Out Our Memory Foam Mattress Before Buying?

We are strictly a web retailer with no brick and mortar stores, and the mattress is provided to us via a supplier who is relatively new to the U.S. market (mattress is manufactured in Spain). So, there really is nowhere to try the product out, which is partly why we offer a full year, no questions asked, money back trial on all of our products (we even pick up the mattress from you through a donation source, if we can locate one). The other BIG reason is that we average between a 6-7 percent return rate on the mattress (far better than the industry average). The only catch with the mattresses is that we charge a $75 fee for recouping some of our shipping costs. Otherwise, you’re fully refunded (less the $75).

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

This information is provided on the website, and we found it interesting to share with our potential customers:

“The amount of sleep each person needs depends on many factors, including age. Infants generally require about 16 hours a day, while teenagers need about 9 hours on average. For most adults, 7 to 8 hours a night appears to be the best amount of sleep, although some people may need as few as 5 hours or as many as 10 hours of sleep each day. Women in the first 3 months of pregnancy often need several more hours of sleep than usual. The amount of sleep a person needs also increases if he or she has been deprived of sleep in previous days. Getting too little sleep creates a “sleep debt,” which is much like being overdrawn at a bank.

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Choosing the Right Size Sheets for Your Mattress

If you’re over, say, 25, you’ll probably remember when mattresses only came in standard sizes. You probably had a twin, full, queen or king size mattress, that may have been no more than 8″ thick. But with today’s mattress improvements and trends, you could have a king sized bed, but the standard king sized sheets may not necessarily fit. Why? Because mattress manufacturers have made significant changes to mattresses, including things like pillow tops and general extra thickness. Knowing this, you will have to take care when buying sheets for your mattress, otherwise you might have sheets that won’t quite wrap around the edges, or do, but continually slip off. Each package of sheets typically provide the exact measurements of the sheets, so it’s important for you to pay attention to them. Measure your mattress before you go shopping so that you will be prepared to make a decision. If you have a mattress over 10 inches thick, you may require what’s called deep pocket cut or deep profile bed sheets. Pay extra attention to the depth reach of the fitted sheet measurements on the packaging for best results.