“Love Handles” and the Spot Reduction Myth

I frequently hear questions about “spot reduction” and “love handles” are a common place where people would like to reduce their body fat.

Also common are the myths many people believe about losing body fat, especially when it comes to losing body fat off of specific areas.

You cannot “spot-reduce” any area of your body. To lose body fat off of this area (your “love handles”) you must lose body fat. Period. The areas where fat is deposited are genetically predetermined. Some people are predisposed to depositing excess fat on the buttocks and legs, some in the abdominal area, some on the sides, etc.

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Your Workout Appointment: How to Never Miss Your Workout Again

So many people want to work out or get some exercise, but always find a reason not to because something else always comes up – I have a meeting, the kids’ soccer practices, work responsibilities, etc. Everyone is busy… So how do some people make it work? In my many years in the fitness industry I have found a way that works for everyone.  Here’s how –

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