Your Workout Appointment: How to Never Miss Your Workout Again

So many people want to work out or get some exercise, but always find a reason not to because something else always comes up – I have a meeting, the kids’ soccer practices, work responsibilities, etc. Everyone is busy… So how do some people make it work? In my many years in the fitness industry I have found a way that works for everyone.  Here’s how –

To be successful and always find time for your workout, you have to have a regular workout appointment. What does that mean? Exactly what it sounds like. You have to make time in your day and your week for your workout and do it by scheduling a workout appointment. Put it in your calendar and make it like any other appointment that you cannot miss – a meeting with your boss, your child’s play, your dental appointment, etc… Once you put your workout appointment in your calendar, you don’t break your appointment except in a true emergency. If you have scheduled a lunchtime workout and a friend calls you to go to lunch, you have to learn to say you already have plans and ask if you can get together another time.  Better yet, invite your friend to join you!

It takes some time to get into this workout appointment routine, but once you do you will love the rewards and how great it feels to get your scheduled workouts in. Be creative. Just like your work or kid schedule may not be the same every day or week, your workout appointment may not be either. If a regular workout appointment time will work for you, great!  If not, schedule yourself week to week.  As long as you get it in your calendar and stick to it, you will be good-to-go!

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