Concern About Sleep Drug

I came across the blog Actelion Sleep Drug Causes Safety Concern.  According to the blog, the insomnia drug Almorexant made by Actelion is not yet safe.

Late-stage trials showed safety concerns that were unspecified.  Although this drug was supposed to be another alternative for those who cannot sleep, it needs more research and data before it can be deemed safe.

Until that time, it is recommended that people avoid the new drug.

There are many sleep medications on the market right now.  Many of them have huge lists of potential side effects that are just plain dangerous.  I personally wish that more people would work on natural ways to improve their sleep.  This is a new modern problem we have created.  Do you think people had trouble sleeping 150 years ago when hard work was the norm and you walked or rode a horse to get where you were going?  I’m not saying that we all need to ride horses, but adding exercise to our lives goes a long way in improving sleep.

Anther way to improve your sleep is to sleep on a comfortable bed.  More and more people are finding specialty beds, like the memory foam mattress, latex mattress, or air bed improve their sleep.  Why not try a new comfortable bed before a new drug?