Healthy Foundations’ Comfort Matrix Construction

Why is our Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress so comfortable that 96% of its over 400 reviewers would recommend it to a friend? It’s quite simply due to our unique proprietary Comfort Matrix Construction™. What is our Comfort Matrix Construction™ and why is it so comfortable?

Our 5-layer Comfort Matrix Construction™ starts with two layers of our boutique memory foam – a 2″ layer of 4-lb density foam followed by 2″ of 5-lb density foam.  This memory foam is made by a small boutique memory foam manufacturer that specializes in memory foam.  Its open cell construction increases air flow by 95% and wicks away heat and moisture three times more than traditional memory foam.  The base foams are 2.3-lb density airflow top configuration base foams.  These base foams are a higher density than found in less expensive memory foam mattresses (1.5 – 1.8-lb densities are common) and are designed to increase airflow.  The bottom base foam has an IFD/ILD of 50 and the base foam above it has an IFD/ILD of 31 (firmer foams have higher numbers).  The final layer of the 5-layer Comfort Matrix Construction™ is the CoolMax™ cover which also helps our memory foam mattress sleep cooler.  (Just 1/2 of 1% of our returns are for the mattress sleeping too hot – a common problem for many memory foam mattresses that we have improved upon.)

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What Makes Our Proprietary Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress Unique?

Our unique mattress, including our high quality foams and our five-layer proprietary Comfort Matrix Construction™ allows our Healthy Foundations 10” Memory Foam Mattress to provide outstanding comfort and support in the world of inferior memory foam mattresses. This unique and high quality memory foam mattress can be bought nowhere else in the world.

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Why Our Memory Foam Sleeps Cooler

We frequently get questions about why our memory foam sleeps cooler than traditional memory foams. There are a few reasons for that, including our proprietary Comfort Matrix Construction™, exclusive to our Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress.

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Memory Foam Mattress Glossary

Memory Foam Mattress Glossary
Terms You Should Know Before You Shop for a Memory Foam Mattress

Cover – The cover or ticking is the outside of the mattress. In the case of a memory foam mattress, it is a cover rather than a sewn ticking.

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Memory Foam Mattress: How Important is Density?

Looking for a new mattress?  Maybe you are thinking about buying memory foam mattress.  You hear the term “density” but just how important is the density of your memory foam mattress?

The most important aspect when choosing a memory foam mattress is how it actually feels to you when you sleep on it in your home for an extended period of time. This is why it is so important to buy your memory foam mattress from a retailer that offers a complete money-back guarantee (not a store credit) for long period of time. I recommend using a retailer who offers a money-back guarantee for at least 180 days or more.

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My Change of Heart On Memory Foam Density

I’ve looked at dozens of memory foams over the years. In fact, before we cleaned it out I once had a whole closet that was nothing but memory foam samples. And after looking at memory foams of all sorts of densities, I always came back to that the “good stuff” had densities of at least 4 lb.

After 10 years or so of sampling memory foams, this kind of became an article of faith. If a memory foam wasn’t at least 4 lb density, I wasn’t interested in even sampling it. And this really used to put out suppliers that wanted me to carry their less expensive memory foams. But I wouldn’t budge – I only wanted to sell memory foams that I would personally use, and I just wouldn’t sleep on anything less than 4 lb memory foam. And if you look at old articles of mine that some people have published on the web, you’ll see this sentiment – if the memory foam wasn’t at least 4 lb density, I told people to avoid it.

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