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What's New

Welcome to the Healthy Foundations community website. What's new on our site?

We have added more of our favorite Veggie Recipes. Check out our new listing of recipes at Veggie Recipes.

Our latest start up is a Veggie Restaurant search site where you can find some of our favorite Veggie friendly restaurants. We kicked off this site with 11 of our favorites in Alexandria, VA and the surrounding areas of Washington, D.C.. Let us know your favorites so we can add them to our database - we love to eat when we travel and we look forward to trying out your suggestions when we are in your area.

There has been some changes in the product line of visco-elastic foam we are carrying. Currently we are only carrying the Isotonic line of mattress pads. These 2" pads fit right on top of your current mattress and help relieve pressure points and conform to your body. We are not carrying any pillows or full mattresses using visco-elastic foam at the moment - although we may be carrying these products in the future.

We hope to add new segments to the Back health areas and the travel areas soon and also some more new recipes. Let us know what you are interested in on our Contact form so we can see what you are interested in having us work on.

Thanks for your interest, David and Jane

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