A Great Night’s Sleep with Memory Foam

If anyone knows about getting a good (or bad) night’s sleep, it’s people with snoring issues or sleep apnea.  Actually, the snoring person’s bed partner may be the best one to talk about not sleeping.  The article At last you can have a great sleep and start the day fully refreshed is from a snoring site and it touts the benefits of a memory foam mattress.

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Easy Tips for Selecting a Mattress

I found this user-submitted article on Ehow.com interesting – interesting in an amusing way.  The article, How to Select a Foam Mattress – Easy Tips, by luyoung tries to help the reader select a mattress (a memory foam mattress, I think) with 8 easy tips.  Here they are in a nutshell (with my comments), but you can check out the whole article by clicking on the above link.

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Dumbbells and Neck and Shoulder Aches

In the article Dumb bells can rid working belles of neck, shoulder aches the author, listed only as IANS, cites a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology.  The study used 42 women who worked in offices on repetitive tasks and did computer work.  They all had reported chronic or frequent pain in the neck area and tightness and tenderness in the upper trapezius muscle (extends from back of head down the neck and into the upper back).  The women were randomly divided into three groups – specific weight training, general fitness, and control.  The study lasted ten weeks.

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Urban Myer Take Leave of Absence Due to Stress

I have been following this story, Urban Meyer will take leave of absence for health reasons, since it broke on ESPN.  I immediately assumed that Meyer, 45, the successful football coach at the University of Florida, was seriously ill.  Why else would a successful 45-year-old man who loved his coaching job leave it?  Did he have cancer?  Did he have a terminal illness?  As the story gradually unfolded we learned that it was none of these – it was stress.

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Memory Foam Mattress and Box Springs

I found this question in an Amazon.com customer discussion area.  The question is:

I have a high rice bed; and a single mattress will be too low on the bed frame.  Can memory foam mattresses be placed on top of a traditional box spring?  I need the additional height.

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Leafy Greens Veggies are Good for the Eyes

In the WebMD.com article, Fruits, Leafy Greens Are Good for the Eyes, author Bill Hendrick cites research reviews from University of Georgia scientists.  People have long understood that carrots are good for the eyes, but, according to this report, so are leafy greens and colored fruits.

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Dangers of Texting While Driving

The article Texting While Driving Raises Crash Risk Sixfold is about actual virtual driving simulator testing to study the dangers of texting while driving.  In my opinion, this is a problem that is becoming epidemic.  I have been in the car with a texting driver and have said (or actually yelled), “Don’t do that while you are driving!”  This was in the early days of texting before the issue was front and center, but I could clearly see that the driver was not paying attention to his driving.

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Your Options for a Good Mattress

On Shopping and Product Reviews, an unnamed writer penned the article, What Are Your Options on a Good Mattress?  My first inclination is to giggle at the title and the jokes I could make about your options “on a good mattress” (which sounds like the article is about the activities you could participate in on a good mattress).

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Concern About Sleep Drug

I came across the blog Actelion Sleep Drug Causes Safety Concern.  According to the blog, the insomnia drug Almorexant made by Actelion is not yet safe.

Late-stage trials showed safety concerns that were unspecified.  Although this drug was supposed to be another alternative for those who cannot sleep, it needs more research and data before it can be deemed safe.

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Facts About Dreams

I found this article on Bedzine.com, Dream Facts, to be very interesting.  The article just lists facts about dreams, many of which I had never heard of before.  Since the article’s author is cited as “guest,” and he or she does not cite any references, it is difficult to know how many of these “facts” are actually accurate, but it is fun to read.

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