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Memory Foam Mattress Topper Pad Buying Guide

Our 2" and 3" Memory Foam Topper Pads

Picture of pad with handprintSimply The Most Comfortable Memory Topper Pads We've Ever Tested. And we back it upu with our unmatched 365 Day Money Back Trial.

We get a lot of questions from people about buying a memory foam mattress toppers pad, and have amassed a lot of FAQs to try to answer them as best we can. But we thought it might be useful to have a buying guide specifically on the most common questions we hear along with what we think the key points to consider when buying a memory foam mattress topper pad.

Do Memory Foam Mattress Topper Pads Really Work?

I've looked and tried a lot of pads, from conventional eggcrate to latex, and in my experience memory foam mattress topper pads are the most comfortable pads of all and offer pressure relief that no other material can approach. My customer experience supports this; we only have about 4 - 5% returns, a very low rate for a product sold directly over the internet.

Why do people return it? I'd say the vast majority are from people who had specific pain issues that the pad didn't help with. The most common type of pain person we see is back pain people, and I'd guess that topper works for 80% or so of these people. The causes for back pain are just so numerous that the pad will work for some and not others.

The memory foam mattress topper pads work more routinely for other chronic pain people in our experience - I've had a lot of luck with people with arthritis and fibromyalgia. And for the more ordinary person who just wakes up with aches and pains, the memory toppers work very well to make it more comfortable and relieve pressure points that cause these aches and pains.

What Sort of Mattress Does the Memory Foam Mattress Topper Pad Work Best With?

The memory foam mattress topper pads are great at making a too hard mattress more comfortable. They won't fix a mattress that is overly soft or already has areas that are compressed (dips, etc). In these cases, you are really better off spending your money on a new mattress rather than getting a memory foam topper.

But if your mattress is still pretty good but just firmer than you like, the memory foam mattress topper pad will really help make it more comfortable and reduce pressure points.

We get asked a fair amount about using the pad on pillow top mattresses. And in the main we find they work well if the pillow top just is still a bit too firm. But if you find the pillow top too soft or not supportive enough, then the topper would only make it worse.

Quality of the Memory Foam Mattress Topper Pad

We get a lot of questions about what sort of quality of memory foam mattress topper pads people should look for. Especially comparison questions (how does your foam compare to Tempur-Pedic foam, etc). We do have a detailed page on this - our Tempur-Pedic comparison page. But the short answer is that I think that any memory foam from 4 lb and up in density is a very good quality memory foam. And while I do think the Tempur-Pedic Tempur foam (at 5.34 lb density) is a very good quality foam, I really believe that our 4 lb density memory foam mattress topper pad has a nicer initial feel. The 4 lb density is just softer and more yielding, and much less temperature sensitive than the Tempur foam (Tempur foam can be very firm starting at 70 degrees or so and takes your body temperature to soften up). The downside of the 4 lb foam is that it won't last as long as the denser foams (probably a 3 - 5 year life before it softens to the point that you would want to replace it), but the 4 lb memory foam mattress topper pads do offer the best initial feel and comfort of any memory foam pad I've tried.

That said, there can be a big difference in quality between memory foam topper pads that have similar densities. I've looked at a variety of 4 lb foam from domestic and non-domestic suppliers, and the quality and feel of these "same" density foam varied dramatically. I've been very careful in sourcing the foam I use in my toppers - I want one that not only has a good feel but is consistent in quality and density. These days with all sorts of people selling memory foam, I know it can get confusing and it is very difficult to compare the toppers from retailer to retailer. All I can tell you is that in my experience you do get what you pay for, and less expensive memory foams tend to be lower density, not cut to the full dimensions of the bed, have shorter warranties or no money back guarantees, are imported from abroad (China is really ramping up production), or may be made in huge quantities and stored for long periods of time (which can cause compression areas in the pads over time). In contrast, all our memory foam mattress topper pads are made of 4 lb U.S. manufactured foam, cut full to the edge, and cut an shipped from pads that have been stored just a few days. And our pads come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty and 365 day money back guarantee.

How Thick Should the Mattress Topper Be?

Memory foam mattress topper pads come in a variety of thicknesses - from 1" pads all the way up to 4" and beyond. After trying out a number of pads and thickness, I really feel that the 2" thickness is the sweet spot. It really gives most people the benefits of a memory foam pad (better sleep, less aches and pains, etc) and at an affordable price. A 3" pad is somewhat more luxurious, but there is a trade-off in that you sink in deeper and lose some support for your back. And while the price for a 3" has come down a lot over the years, you still pay a bit of a premium for the 3". I would suggest a 3" for someone who is a bit heavier, or if you are really looking for a soft, luxurious feel. As for 4" or even thicker pads, I just think this is overkill. If you need this much cushioning, you may just really need a whole new bed.

Do I Need to Buy the Topper With a Cover?

We've found that most people find the memory foam mattress topper pad works just fine uncovered if they put it under their existing quilted mattress pad (there just needs to be enough stretch in the quilted mattress pad to allow it to fit over the topper pad). We got a lot of requests, though, for a cover from people looking to protect their bed from various spills or for allergy reasons. So we now also sell our topper pads with the Platinum Mattress Protector. After testing out a number of different mattress protectors, we went with the Platinum because its thin profile didn't interfere with the memory feel of the pad and it just worked really well.

Our 2" and 3" Memory Foam Mattress Pads

We've spent a lot of time looking at different memory foams from all over the world to find what we feel is the finest 4 lb memory foam to use in our topper pads. This particular memory foam just gives us the most comfortable sleep. It does a terrific job of reducing pressure points and is also soft and conforming. The acid test, of course, is whether it works to help you sleep better - and that is why we offer our 365 day money back trial on all our topper pads. To find out more information on out pads, so our detailed page on our Memory Foam Topper Pads.

Our 100% Satisfaction, Comfort Guarantee

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